Helping Hand IT: Customized Managed Care Programs for Your Unique Business Needs

"Your Company is as Unique as a Fingerprint. So Are Our IT Solutions.”

Why Choose Helping Hand IT?

No two companies are alike in their specialized need for IT solutions. That's why we offer customized client services packages for our managed care clients.

Discover Our Managed Care Programs

Care Program

  • Endpoint Protection & Automated Patching: Safeguard your computers with continuous updates.
  • Server Monitoring & Patching: Keep your servers running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Office 365 Licensing & Advanced Email Spam Filtering: Enhance productivity and security.
  • Domain Name Renewals: Ensure your online presence remains uninterrupted.
  • Risk Monitoring: Identify and mitigate risks to your network and computers.

Complete Care Program

  • All-Inclusive IT Coverage: Streamline all your IT services into one simple monthly contract.
  • Full Management: We handle your labor, renewals, and service contracts.
  • Customizable Services: Choose what services are included in your plan.
  • Peace of Mind: Know that all your IT needs are covered.

Services That Can Be Included:

  • Remote support
  • In-shop support
  • Onsite support
  • Computer & Server monitoring and automated patching
  • Office product licensing
  • Email support and spam filtering
  • Domain and Web Hosting renewals
  • Cloud backups
  • Log-me-in remote services
  • SentinelOne endpoint virus and ransomware protection
  • Computer and Server local backups
  • Sonicwall firewall renewals
  • Server hardware support renewals
  • Software support contract renewals
  • Additional Items specific to your industry

Exclusive Offers:

Free Network Assessment

  • Sign up today for a no-obligation consultation with our experts.
  • Get personalized advice on how to strengthen your cyber defenses.
  • Get a free network assessment valued at $495

Limited Time Discount

Enjoy a 50% discount for the labor to onboard you into our Complete Care Program. (Example: For 25 endpoints you could save $580.00 on your first Month)

  • What rate are we using for onboarding? $145.00 rate

Complimentary Onsite Visits

When you become a Complete Care Client, Helping Hand will perform a full, free, onsite assessment of every computer and your network to audit your individual needs. We'll determine the base price for each computer and include all the licensing fees for the products you choose to keep your data secure. You only pay for what your company needs.

Simplify your IT Management

The Complete Care Program allows you to focus on what you do best, while Helping Hand works behind the scenes to keep your network secure, safe, and compliant.

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