They are always there when I or a staff member contact them, usually within half an hour … Our potential is in our hands, but IT is an obstacle that has been removed. I don’t have to worry about it so we can fulfill our potential. Customer happiness is important to them.

Kerry Rieder

They are my go-to company for IT needs. They’re very professional. It’s always the same people – little turnover on employees. John knows more about what’s in my network than I do. They are a true partner.

Samir Patel CFO/Controller

Excellent service. They treat you like a customer. They want to make sure you are satisfied. You are not just a number to them. Their goal is to keep us running. When we have a problem, we can call them – and they are on it.

Linda LeSage Office Manager and Owner

Helping Hand has been my information technology “department” for years. I am a proud member of its Complete Care™ Program, and it really means “Complete Care™.” No question is left unanswered, no system is left unattended, and the entire staff will work tirelessly until the job is complete. As a family law attorney, my time is money. Helping Hand not only services but maintains all of my systems, and their data back-up provides the security I need to keep working for my clients no matter the circumstances. I could not find a more professional, patient, and responsive group, even if I had an in-house IT department.

Shelly A. Johnson Partner

Your technicians were knowledgeable and thorough as usual. Because of the high level of service and very reasonable prices, I most certainly will keep bringing our computers to you for any repair. I appreciate dealing with companies with high ethics and expertise like Helping Hand.

Bill Schlunz

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the entire Helping Hand team.  Helping Hand IT has become a strategic business partner for Trotter and Associates over the years, and I am truly grateful for all you help and support when we needed it the most.  You guys absolutely rocked it, and I can’t thank you enough.

Colin F Shulick C.F.O.

Helping Hand has become a strategic business partner for Trotter and Associates over the last 15 years, and I am truly grateful for all their support.  Helping Hand IT has provided innovative, sustainable solutions for our ever-changing IT environment.  As business owners we are always presented with new vendors wanting to earn our business, we believe in loyalty, Helping Hand IT is our choice.

Colin F Shulick C.F.O.