Client Overview:

CH Hager Excavating, based in West Chicago, found themselves in the throes of a debilitating ransomware attack, rendering their data inaccessible. Prior to engaging with Helping Hand IT (HHIT), their previous IT provider had struggled for over a week to recover their office data, leaving the company in a state of operational paralysis. Diane, the main point of contact at CH Hager, reached out to HHIT in a desperate bid for assistance.

Engagement with Helping Hand IT:

Upon receiving the distress call, Dave, a representative from HHIT, swiftly organized an onsite visit with John to assess the situation firsthand. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, Dave expedited the process of procuring a new Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit to serve as an onsite server for housing the recovered data. Drawing on the information gathered during the assessment, HHIT developed a comprehensive quote tailored to CH Hager's needs.

With the necessary equipment in place, HHIT commenced the recovery process by accessing the backed-up data from the cloud backup provider utilized by Diane. Leveraging their expertise and efficient workflow, HHIT managed to accomplish in less than a week what CH Hager had struggled with for over a week under their previous IT provider.

Outcome and Benefits:

The rapid response and effective solutions provided by HHIT yielded remarkable results for CH Hager. Within a week of the initial contact, CH Hager was back up and running, a feat that seemed unattainable amidst the chaos of the ransomware attack. The seamless transition to operational functionality not only alleviated immediate concerns but also instilled a newfound sense of security and confidence within the organization.

Impressed by the professionalism and efficacy demonstrated by HHIT, CH Hager opted to enroll in HHIT's Complete Care program. This proactive approach to IT management not only safeguards against future threats but also ensures ongoing support and maintenance, offering CH Hager the peace of mind necessary to focus on their core business operations.


The collaboration between CH Hager Excavating and Helping Hand IT exemplifies the transformative impact of responsive and proficient IT support in navigating the complexities of cybersecurity threats. By prioritizing client needs and delivering prompt, effective solutions, HHIT not only rescued CH Hager from the brink of disaster but also forged a lasting partnership built on trust, reliability, and mutual success.

Client Overview:

ClearStaff Company, led by owner Rich, faced recurring challenges with their payroll processes across multiple branches. Each week, Mark, a key employee responsible for payroll, undertook a time-consuming task involving downloading, updating, and uploading files for payroll adjustments across eight branches. Recognizing the inefficiency and cost implications of this manual process, Dave from Helping Hand IT (HHIT) sought to streamline operations and enhance productivity for ClearStaff.

Discovery and Analysis:

During a routine semi-annual visit, Dave observed Mark's labor-intensive process and engaged in a conversation with Rich to understand the recurring nature of the payroll workflow. Rich confirmed that the weekly routine was standard practice and expressed openness to exploring a simpler alternative. Recognizing the opportunity for improvement, Dave proposed a second meeting with branch managers and Mark to discuss potential solutions.


Back at HHIT headquarters, Dave collaborated with John to devise a comprehensive solution leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud Server technology. Recognizing the potential for significant time and cost savings, they estimated the current operational costs associated with downtime and manual processes, projecting a staggering $166,400 annually. With the endorsement from Temps Plus to run ClearStaff software on Azure Cloud Server, Dave and John embarked on implementing a cloud-based solution.

Added Value and Savings:

As part of the implementation, HHIT identified additional cost-saving opportunities by replacing existing servers with a Synology solution for document storage and cloud backup. This strategic move eliminated the need for monitoring, endpoint detection and response (EDR), antivirus protection, and monthly per-unit costs for Complete Care, resulting in substantial savings for ClearStaff.


The successful deployment of the Azure Cloud Server solution delivered unparalleled value to ClearStaff, resulting in annual cost savings exceeding $200,000 and reclaiming valuable time for branch managers. With a satisfied client and enhanced operational efficiency, the HHIT team celebrated a successful collaboration and reaffirmed their commitment to delivering innovative, cost-saving solutions tailored to client needs.